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SK Supply is a discord based monthly subscription cook group that supplies users with the best services, tools and information to ensure that they’re successful with resell, botting and aftermarket.

We are proud to provide our members with the best features on the market. Providing them with all the tools and knowledge they need to be successful in this game.

Lightning Fast Monitors

Sk Supply members are ofered the fastest Shopify, All in one and Footsites monitors made to ensure you never miss a restock!

Free & Discounted PAS ATC Slots

All premium SK Supply members have access to free & discounted ATC slots along with free Adidas carts & SNKRS slots!

AIO Tool Kit

All premium members recieve a complementary tool program that assists you in setting up. This program includes a captcha farm, profile converter, proxy tester & more!

24/7 Support Team

Our team is always active, they work around the clock to make sure you’re setup and ready for a drop. Our members are our priority.

Early Links

SK Supply provides accurate early links making sure our members are the first to know!

Release & Setup Guides

We work hard to make sure our members are in the loop. We provide Setup guides, Sitelists, and more to assure our users are ready for each release.


Custom Built Monitors

SK Supply has built custom monitors for our group to ensure our members never miss a restock or shock drop. Some of our top of the line monitors include, Nike Desktop, Hibbett, Finishline & many more! We make sure to cover all in one sites like Adidas, supreme and footsites as well and over 100+ Shopify sites as we continue to add more!

Advanced & Essential Tools

All SK Supply members have access to useful tools to prepare them for each drop. We provide tools like ATC Link creator, Shopify delay calculator, account creator, fee calculator, eBay viewer & are constantly adding more!

Outstanding Support

Our moderators and support team are diverse with knowledge from all aspects of reselling. From in-store to botting, we have you covered. Our support is always here to answer questions as our goal is to make sure our members are getting that 1-on-1 support they deserve.

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